Sacred Heart High School envisions a robust, holistic, value based and student centric school education that will engender excellence in every sphere of human endeavor.
Our school believes that every student is unique and every student should be allowed to blossom as per their capabilities and characteristics. Therefore, in this school, students of all ages are encouraged to participate in various co-curricular activities at regular intervals throughout the year.
Imbibing co-curricular activities in education widens the scope of education. These activities not only bring out the linguistic, logical-mathematical and spatial talents of students, but also promotes the students’ appreciation of their cultural heritage.
The various co-curricular activities offered by Sacred heart high school caters to the interest of students of different age groups. These activities gives platform to students for experimenting their unique personalities through healthy and fair competitions. Competitions include intra- house competitions as well as inter- house competitions.
All the students are grouped under four distinct houses which they represent during various co-curricular activities throughout the year.
The four houses are marked by distinct colours, as given below:

Red House

Blue House

Green House

Yellow House

Sacred Heart School


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