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National Cadet Corps (NCC)

The Youth of today form the backbone of a country. It is on youth’s shoulders that the responsibility of the Nation lies for change, progress and innovation. For achieving these goals they need a sense of direction, involvement and responsibility. In this context our Don Bosco High School, Tezpur , Assam has been giving utmost importance from the very beginning.
The NCC, “ National Cadet Corps” is a creation of the Indian Army to include the Youth and to foster National Patriotism. The motto is “ Unity and discipline”. It’s under this motto,they train the youth wing of armed forces which is open to all school and college students on voluntary basis. NCC is a tri-services organization comprising the Army, Navy and Air wing, engaged in grooming youth of the country into disciplined and patriotic citizen.
Don Bosco High School, Tezpur has more than 100 cadets. The popularity of NCC among the students has been increasing yearly as there is a lot of support both from the Guardians and the school authority. Like any other district administration, the Sonitpur district administration also organises a grand parade competition on the occasion of Republic Day and Independence Day where different school and colleges take part. A couple of times our students have been able to get positions in parade and brought glory to the school.

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NCC "Unity and discipline"

There are numerous benefit associated with the NCC, such as;
It helps in character building
Friendship development
Sense of readiness
Sense of responsibility.

Keeping all these in mind, llthe school has taken keen interest to promote NCC among students so that their future is assured, their goals are achieved to lead a life of happiness with respect, and to be a responsible citizen and serve the country.

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